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About Us

About Us

Ramanad women welfare hospital wears pvt. ltd was established in 2018 and is actively running in the Ramand district. Over the last few years, Ramnad Women Welfare Hospital Wears Prviate Limited has emerged as a key partner in the healthcare sector of India.

We have started the firm to contribute a little towards creating a clean and healthy India and also to create a society where women attain equal power as men thereby enabling them to lead a dignified life and to grow their children as best citizen of the country.

Ours is a firm that employs only women employees especially giving them opportunities to the widowed , single mother and women with poor financial background .

We are equipped with infrastructure that are essential to run a full pledged health-care products manufacturing unit.

Women's empowerment being our main concern, we employ women living in places around Ramnad district and surroundings to support their development. All our products marketed by Sri Rama Jayam Services.